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Did you know that a Polar Bears fur is not white but clear. This is because the white is just reflections.

There are ten body parts with 3 letters in them (toe, leg, hip, rib, arm, lip, jaw, gum, eye and ear).

1 in 5000 North Atlantic Lobsters are born bright blue.

Cats sleep 16 to 18 hours a day.

President Kennedy was the fastest random speaker with upwards of 350 words per minute.

Everyone spent 30 minutes as a cell.

When you look at the sun your really looking at where it was 8 minutes ago.

Did you know that the Cadbury signature colour purple known as pantone was not allowed to be used by any other chocolate company, but in 2010 Nestle Destroyed that right in a court.

Did you know that polar bears are actually black. Underneath their big fur, their skin is black.

4 thoughts on “Interesting Fact of The Week

  1. I did know that polar bears have black skin. I know a person who spends time in the arctic looking for polar bears, to count them. It sounds very lonely, and very scary. She spends a lot of time in ice caves, which sounds pretty cold too. Not my kind of job I’m afraid. Loving this site guys.

  2. That sound pretty cool!
    I love random facts, so long as they are interesting. Keep doing more facts!

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