Year 6 Buddies – Podcast #3 – Favourite times of the year

Hi everyone,
Last week the Year 6 students continued helping their Foundation buddy with a digital book about families. One of the main questions asked last week was ‘What is your favourite time of the year?’
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More family stories from our Foundation students and their Year 6 buddies

Hi everyone,

Below is the second edition of our podcast series with our Foundation students and Year 6 students. In this episode Jett, Dom and Aston from Year 6 interview their buddies about families and some of their favourite things.

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Our Foundation Buddies and their Family Stories

Each Friday the Year 6 students get to learn and spend some time with their Foundation buddy. This term the Foundation students are inquiring about family stories. Each week we will publish a podcast containing some of our Year 6 students interviewing their Foundation buddy about their family.

Year 6 and their buddies in action in our SLC TV studio

Year 6 and their buddies in action in our SLC TV studio

Last week our academic captains, Skylah and Tansy, kicked us off. Have a listen!

Writing Competition

Senior School Winner

Campbell H

The Bus Ride

Sixty kid’s one adult

you gotta love those odds

The perfect place for pulling pranks

and throwing paper wads

me i’m playing games

people think it’s lame

I really wish I took the train


Amazing Readers!

Here some amazing readers have read their book week books and some read out their own writing for us including;

Sophie, Angus, Sienna, Koby, Haley and Jhonathon








How To Complete An Inquiry Project

Hey everyone Luis has created a wonderful plan for a Inquiry Project

Luis’ Steps to Completing an Inquiry Project

Week 1 to 3 we do lessons with the class

Week 4 – Decide on a topic that relates to what you have been learning about. Then choose a BIG QUESTION. Once you have a big question, come up with some smaller questions that relate to the big one – up to 5/6. Check the rubric for the unit and aim for the mark that you desire.

Week 5 – Start researching some of the questions. Use websites, books, Encarta, etc. When you find relevant information, start to paraphrase the information and remember to make a note of the website and the date you found it. You can put this in your ‘favourites’ too. This will help you to build a bibliography.

Week 6 – Continue researching. When you gather enough information begin to ‘answer’ your smaller questions. Remember to start putting your good websites into a Bibliography. Re check the rubric to ensure that you are on track.

Week 7 – Start thinking about an experiment that matches / demonstrates your project while still researching the topics and answering the questions you have asked. Begin your good copy of the project. Think creatively about the presentation – you could use Prezi, PowerPoint, a Movie, a Poster, a book, a game show, a website or any other way to present your learning! Think outside the square !!

Week 8 – Finish good copy and prepare the experiment and your oral presentation. You may like to use cue cards to help you stay on track during your presentation. Run through your rubric and give yourself a ‘self-assessment mark’ and comment. Role play your presentation.

Week 9 – Time to present your project and your experiment to the group – Good Luck!

Bohdie’s Morning Scoop – Seahorses

We loved checking out the little seahorses at Melbourne Zoo whilst on Grade 5 camp. Bohdie told us a little bit more about them on Tuesday morning.

Fletch’s morning scoop – Grasshoppers

On Monday 2nd June, Fletch told us about some mountains that are close to us…the You Yangs! Have a listen to the conversation

Have you visited the You Yangs?

What was it like?