Cate’s Scoop – The Giraffe – 22.4.2015

Harry’s scoop – 15.4.2015

The scoop is Elephants

-The biggest elephant was 11,000kg, 4 meters tall

-Largest land living animalLives for 70 years

-Have bad eyesight but amazing smell

-40,000 muscles in trunk

– One inch thick skin

Penny’s Scoop – Snowball the Rabbit – 24.3.2015


Ella’s Scoop – All About Yabbies – 23.3.2015

Jordan’s Scoop – The Apple – 13.3.15

Will’s scoop – The Gecko

1.  Some species can grow up to 60cm long. the smallest gecko was 1cm.

2. They drink from their eyes.

3. If defending themselves most geckos lose their tails. The scientific name is autotomy.

Skylah’s Scoop – The History of the Barbie Doll

Skylah chose her own scoop last week. She relayed some odd facts about the history of this well known doll.

Matthew’s Scoop – Kangaroos

Last week, Matthew chose his own scoop and arrived at school the next morning to tell us all about kangaroos. We thought we knew lots about them…but we were wrong! Have a listen…

Rachel’s scoop about killer whales

Last week Rachel presented some information to the class about orcas.

-killer whales are also called orcas

-Orcas are the largest type of dolphin

-Orcas are known for grabbing seals of the ice