Fletch’s Scoop #2 – The Blowfly

Fletch delivered some unsettling facts about where the blowfly likes to lay its eggs… Leave a comment in the discussion.

Jonah’s Scoop #2 – The Tie!

Jonah gave us some history about the tie. Lots of us might have to wear one when we head off to high school one day.

Heidi’s Scoop #2 – The Moon

Heidi told us some interesting facts about Earth’s moon on Monday. Some of the comments and questions were even more intriguing! Listen out for the idea about how laminating could be used on the moon.

Aston’s Scoop #2 – A Cup Pyramid

Aston told us about a little project he embarked on when he was home from school one day. Take a listen and find out what he created!

Ronan’s Scoop – Chimpanzees

Today Ronan presented a fascinating scoop about chimpanzees, his favourite animal. We learnt that chimpanzees are a little like us! Have a listen and please leave us a comment. What things do you know about this animal?


Somers Camp Reflections by Skylah & Jordan – Special Morning Scoop!

Today Skylah and Jordan returned from Somers Camp and gave us an impromptu scoop about their experiences. It was a little bit like a talk show. Have a listen and leave a comment. Have you been to Somers Camp?

Will H’s Morning Scoop #2 – Volcanoes

Hi everyone,

After a few days without the scoop, it was great to have it back today. Will told us some interesting facts about volcanoes.

Jett’s Morning Scoop #2 – The Woolly Mammoth

Jett created some great discussion about the extinct animal, the mammoth!

Ella’s Morning Scoop #2 – Red back Spiders

Ella freaked us out a little with her facts about the red back spider. The female red back was particularly scary!

Harry’s Morning Scoop – All About Google

Have you ever pressed the ‘I Feel Lucky’ button on Google’s home page? Harry told us all about it today.