Mystery Challenge Week 5 term 1!

Hi everyone below is this week’s challenges.


Here are three clues to three words which each contain the same three letters. What are the letters and the words they make?

a) A part of the body. b) A farm animal. c) To spoil.


Guess the mystery pic below. It is a close up of something in the school yard.

week 5 term 1

week 5 term 1

Don’t forget to answer to OG the shark!

From the Digital Drivers, Jett and Tatum.

Welcome to the new 2015 Mystery Challenge!

Hi everyone,

Here is the first mystery picture for 2015. Guess the what the picture is. It is something around our school grounds. The first person to guess it right, wins.



Here is the riddle.

Riddle: If tomorrow’s today is Saturday, what is the day after tomorrow’s yesterday?

Lastly, scroll to the top of the page to visit our friend, OG The Shark, and guess where he is.

Good luck!

Jett & Tatum – Digital Drivers Captains


PS. We’ll be having different challenges for different grades soon!