Will’s scoop – The Gecko

1.  Some species can grow up to 60cm long. the smallest gecko was 1cm.

2. They drink from their eyes.

3. If defending themselves most geckos lose their tails. The scientific name is autotomy.

2 thoughts on “Will’s scoop – The Gecko

  1. Another great scoop guys! We really enjoy listening to them just before we have our lunch! We have 2 questions this week:

    1. – Chelsea would like to know – how long do geckos live for? And:

    2 – Macklin would like to know – how many species of geckos are there?

    Keep up the good work!

    From 1/2L and Mr. Lavars.

    • Hi
      The common house gecko lives up to 5-10 years.

      As of 2012 about 1,490 have been recognised.

      Kind regards Will.

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