Writing Competition

Senior School Winner

Campbell H

The Bus Ride

Sixty kid’s one adult

you gotta love those odds

The perfect place for pulling pranks

and throwing paper wads

me i’m playing games

people think it’s lame

I really wish I took the train


The Media Moguls Photography Project Showcase – Rotation #3 2014

Today the ‘Media Moguls’ elective students presented their completed photography projects in a showcase just before lunch. Each student brought in their personal device from home and captured a range of photographs around the school. They utilised different angles and filters to create a theme running through the presentation. Afterwards, they used Photo Story 3 on their Netbooks to put it all together. Below the videos are some comments from each of our presenters about their inspiration. Read them, watch the showcase on our private YouTube channel and leave a comment.


“Why I chose to do my photos on the school is because I liked the photos around the school yard and I used effects on most of my photos and some I didn’t use effects on such as the first one. I like my photo story because it has a lot of colours and I like the music and more. I have used interesting photos too. – Emily 

“I did my photography project kind of like a little story. I did my sequences like a close shot and then closer and then closer.

Camera angles:Panorama, Mid shot, Close up, Extreme close up, Low angle, Bird’s eye, Normal

Effects I used:, Sunny, Focus, Winter, Water colour, B and W, Sepia” – Aston
“My story is about the SLC. I had lots of fun making it. I added effects and music to it. Hope you like it.” – Ella
“My project is based on art. I took these photos because they are all art and also they are really interesting photos. I liked the Totem Poles because they have so much effect. I liked the Paintings because they have so much colour and they look like a rainbow. I DID NOT like the graffiti but it is a type of art. It also makes me happy. I hope you like it.” – Eva
“I tried to make my project with music that suited the emotions in my pictures so there is a lot of different music.” – Harry 
“For this project I had lots of fun. Next time I would be better.” – Anika
“My Media Moguls Project has a story to it. It is about a flower that blows away and a girl comes chasing after it , finally the flower lands and the girl plants the flower. I hope you enjoy the video.” – Lilly
“I did my photo project on Ultimate Frisbee! I really enjoyed working on this project because I liked taking pictures and working with my friends. The app that I used was Aviary and I used different types of effects including Avenue Dean and Cruz. It was great fun!” – Cooper
“I chose to do my pictures with the app Retrica. I chose a range of colours eg black and white, grey, bright colour. I did my theme on the outdoors.” – Maya
“I chose to do my photography project on a nature storyboard. It wasn’t going to be a story at the start but I chose to make it one today so it would be better. I used my effects on Foto Flexer because they were good. I took the photos on the iPad Mini as I left my iPod at home. I found that Photo Story easy to use.” – Erica
“I have chosen Retica for my photo effects. All these photos are things and nature that are in the school yard. The types of effects that I used were black and white, AM, lots of colour effects and others. I have taken these photos on Maya’s device and I have finished in time! Thank you!” – Piper
“I used a range of colours and effects and music.” – Issey

Fletch’s Scoop #2 – The Blowfly

Fletch delivered some unsettling facts about where the blowfly likes to lay its eggs… Leave a comment in the discussion.

Jonah’s Scoop #2 – The Tie!

Jonah gave us some history about the tie. Lots of us might have to wear one when we head off to high school one day.