Will H’s Morning Scoop #2 – Volcanoes

Hi everyone,

After a few days without the scoop, it was great to have it back today. Will told us some interesting facts about volcanoes.

Grade 5 Discovery Melbourne Camp 2014 – By Nellie S

Hi all OGPS blog readers,

I made this movie on an old program from my computer called Photo Story. Most computers don’t have it anymore but I think that it is a great substitute for Movie Maker. First I dragged the photos that I wanted on to my desktop and then into the slots on Photo Story. At first I wasn’t sure what my story was going to be about so I just put in random photos but then it came together. I edited them, added voice recordings and text, made some unique music using a program included so that I didn’t need to put in Copy Rights. Last of all I made it into a movie file. That’s how simple it is.

Thanks for reading and watching,

Nellie S

Jett’s Morning Scoop #2 – The Woolly Mammoth

Jett created some great discussion about the extinct animal, the mammoth!

Ella’s Morning Scoop #2 – Red back Spiders

Ella freaked us out a little with her facts about the red back spider. The female red back was particularly scary!

Harry’s Morning Scoop – All About Google

Have you ever pressed the ‘I Feel Lucky’ button on Google’s home page? Harry told us all about it today.

Rachel’s Morning Scoop #2 – Finger Nails and Toe Nails

Not only did Rachel tell us some interesting facts about the nails on our fingers and toes, but we learnt that it is important to trim them regularly!

Maddy’s Morning Scoop – The Blue Whale

Maddy told us about the biggest creature in the world, The Blue Whale! We discussed what it eats at the end. Have a listen!

Bohdie’s Morning Scoop – Seahorses

We loved checking out the little seahorses at Melbourne Zoo whilst on Grade 5 camp. Bohdie told us a little bit more about them on Tuesday morning.

Emily’s Morning Scoop – Camels

Before we went to camp, Emily told us about camels and how they survive in the desert.


Book Week is coming…

Hi everyone,

Book Week is next week and there are lots of activities being planned to celebrate across the school. Watch this video which shows you how to put your little reading challenge booklet together for the week. Thanks to Mrs Gower for doing the demonstration!