Ella’s Morning Scoop – The Human Eye

On Thursday, Ella gave us an insight into the eyes that we all have!

Issey’s Morning Scoop – Gorillas

Issey was a part of our student group that attended the Jane Goodall symposium last term. On Tuesday morning, she shared some facts about Jane’s passion; gorillas!

Will’s Morning Scoop – The Sherrin Football

On Monday, Will told us some new facts about the Sherrin football and its history. Very interesting!

Penny’s Morning Scoop – Guinea Pigs

Last Friday morning, not only did Penny tell us some facts about the guinea pig, but we even got to meet two of her own!


Cate’s Morning Scoop – The Canadian Moose

Cate recently went on a holiday to Canada. She didn’t see a moose but she told us a few facts about them in our first scoop for Term 3!