Matthew’s Morning Scoop – The Platypus

Matthew presented some facts about the platypus and generated some interesting questions about this mysterious creature!

Audrey’s Morning Scoop – The History of the Ukulele

For the first time in ‘scoop’ history, we had a performance as part of our scoop discussion. Audrey gave us a fantastic rundown on the ukulele and its development. Have a listen and please leave a comment.

Darcy’s Morning Scoop – Magpies

Darcy presented us with some interesting facts about magpies. Listen carefully for the two magpie visitors we had just at the end of our discussion. Very cool!

Jonah’s Morning Scoop – The Blow Fish

On Tuesday 3rd June, Jonah presented us with some facts about a strange creature of the deep…the blow fish.

Have you ever seen a blow fish up close?

Fletch’s morning scoop – Grasshoppers

On Monday 2nd June, Fletch told us about some mountains that are close to us…the You Yangs! Have a listen to the conversation

Have you visited the You Yangs?

What was it like?