Year 6 Buddies – Podcast #3 – Favourite times of the year

Hi everyone,
Last week the Year 6 students continued helping their Foundation buddy with a digital book about families. One of the main questions asked last week was ‘What is your favourite time of the year?’
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Immigration in Australia – Year 6 students create podcasts!

In reading workshops this term, the Year 6 students have been learning about who we are as Australians. Lately, some of Mr K-T’s workshop students have published short podcasts about their research into immigration. Click below to play them all. Please leave us a comment.
Where did your family migrate from?


More family stories from our Foundation students and their Year 6 buddies

Hi everyone,

Below is the second edition of our podcast series with our Foundation students and Year 6 students. In this episode Jett, Dom and Aston from Year 6 interview their buddies about families and some of their favourite things.

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Our Foundation Buddies and their Family Stories

Each Friday the Year 6 students get to learn and spend some time with their Foundation buddy. This term the Foundation students are inquiring about family stories. Each week we will publish a podcast containing some of our Year 6 students interviewing their Foundation buddy about their family.

Year 6 and their buddies in action in our SLC TV studio

Year 6 and their buddies in action in our SLC TV studio

Last week our academic captains, Skylah and Tansy, kicked us off. Have a listen!

Cate’s Scoop – The Giraffe – 22.4.2015

Harry’s scoop – 15.4.2015

The scoop is Elephants

-The biggest elephant was 11,000kg, 4 meters tall

-Largest land living animalLives for 70 years

-Have bad eyesight but amazing smell

-40,000 muscles in trunk

– One inch thick skin

Penny’s Scoop – Snowball the Rabbit – 24.3.2015


Ella’s Scoop – All About Yabbies – 23.3.2015